How much money can you get for your Bridgeport, Connecticut dog bite case?

You have been attacked by dog in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The dog warden was called in and an investigation was conducted. You were taken by ambulance to the local hospital where your treated for your injuries resulting from the dog attack. You have been discharged and have been advised to follow up with another doctor. You had complications related to the dog bite wound site. You had stitches to close the large gash that you received from the dog attack. You had to see a psychiatrist for the psychological damages that were inflicted from the dog attack. You have been left with a permanent, ugly and disfiguring scar. You have substantial medical bills. You’ve lost time from work. Your life has been completely upended and you now want to know how much money you can get for your Bridgeport, CT dog bite case.

Unlike most personal injury cases in Connecticut, the liability in a Connecticut dog bite case, generally speaking, is based upon our dog bite statute that provides that the owner or keeper of a dog is strictly liable for the injuries and damages caused by the dog unless the victim was teasing, tormenting, trespassing or committing some other tort. In other words, you do not have to prove that the owner or keeper of the dog knew of the dog’s dangerous propensity or knew that the dog had bitten someone before. In Connecticut, under the Connecticut dog bite statute, an owner or keeper of a dog will be liable for the injuries and damages sustained by the victim regardless of whether or not this is the dog’s first bite.

So what types of money damages can you collect for your Connecticut dog bite case? There are a number of factors that need to be evaluated which will determine the ultimate value of your Connecticut dog bite case. A number of those considerations are as follows:

-The type and extent of the injuries suffered by the dog bite victim;

-The various types of treatment required for the injuries;

-The amount of time that it took for the dog bite victim to recover from his or her injuries;

-The medical bills that were incurred and will need to be incurred in the future;

-What wages the injured party suffered as a result of the dog bite, which would include time used as sick time, vacation time, or personal time, which have been incurred and will be incurred in the future;

-The disability period suffered by the dog bite victim;

-Are the injuries permanent in nature and is there a report from a treating physician;

-Is there a permanent scar that has been rated by a plastic surgeon or some other doctor;

-Is future medical treatment recommended or warranted;

-What is the nature, cost and extent of any future medical treatment;

-How have the injuries affected the dog bite victim;

-How can the injuries expect to affect the person in the future;

-What out-of-pocket expenses has the injured party incurred and what future out-of-pocket expenses can injured party expect to incur;

-What psychological injuries has the dog bite victim suffered;

-Are there claims for bystander emotional distress or loss of consortium;

-Have all of your medical bills been paid by insurance;

-Are there any liens or claims for monies which need to be repaid to the insurance company by virtue of an ERISA plan; and

-What other injuries and damages are present that resulted from the attacking dog.

Because every case is different, because the amount of medical bills very, because the psychological impact of such an injury can have on one person can vary from another, because disability ratings will be different and scarred evaluations will be different, because almost every aspect of your Connecticut dog bite case will vary from one individual to another, it is impossible to estimate with any degree of reasonable certainty the value of your Connecticut dog bite case unless and until you reach maximum medical improvement, all of your injuries and damages are compiled, all of your medical bills and reports are present, all of your disability ratings and expert reports are completed and all of the information from your file has been gathered.

Once all of this information has been compiled, and you have reached maximum medical improvement, or that point in time when you are as well as you are going to be, and experienced Connecticut dog bite attorney could then sit down with you and provide you with a proper evaluation of your claim and could explain why your case is worth what the experienced Connecticut dog bite injury lawyer has stated. One of the best things that you can do after you’ve been attacked by a dog in Connecticut is to immediately contact a Connecticut dog bite lawyer so you can have your rights explained to you, so you can learn what you should be doing, so you will understand what you should not be doing, and so you can learn what you need to do to get more money for your Connecticut dog bite case.

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